Diagram 1:   Black nearly has the White stone surrounded, only one adjacent intersection, or liberty is still vacant. Black can capture White on the next move, and White is said to be in atari.

Diagram 2:   Black occupies the last remaining liberty. Again, only adjacent points connected by horizontal or vertical lines are liberties or connecting points.

Diagram 3:   After all the liberties are filled, Black removes the captured White stone and keeps it until the score is counted at the end of the game.

Diagram 4 shows the capture process in sequence.


Diagram 5:   The group of three White stones has seven liberties, as indicated.

Diagram 6:   Black now occupies six of the seven liberties, and White is in atari.

Diagrams 7 - 9:   Black fills the last White liberty, and removes the White stones from the board. The space now becomes Black's territory.

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