Do nothing secretly;   for Time sees
and hears all things, and discloses all.

Sophocles   (c. 496 B.C.   -   406 B.C.)
Because the times below are calculated based upon your computer's clock, they will only be as accurate as that clock. With the exception of the Local Time, the times shown below do not reflect daylight savings time (also known as summer time). For some regions during some times of year, you may need to add one hour to correct for this discrepancy.
Local Time

IGS Local Time - Tokyo (GMT +9)

Eniwetok (GMT-12)
Samoa (GMT-11)
Hawaii US (GMT-10)

Alaska US (GMT-9)
Pacific Time US (GMT-8)
Mountain Time US (GMT-7)

Central Time US (GMT-6)
Eastern Time US (GMT-5)
Atlantic Time (GMT-4)

Brazilia (GMT-3)
Mid-Atlantic (GMT-2)
Azores (GMT-1)

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Rome (GMT +1)
Israel (GMT +2)
Moscow (GMT +3)

Baku (GMT +4)
New Delhi (GMT +5)
Dhakar (GMT +6)

Bangkok (GMT +7)
Hong Kong (GMT +8)
Seoul (GMT +9)

Sydney (GMT +10)
Magadan (GMT +11)
Wellington (GMT +12)


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