As one of the classical arts of antiquity, Go has served as the subject of poetry, paintings and serious literature. The IGS Art Gallery offers a collection of classical paintings depicting Go-related themes. The foibles and frustrations of Go players are also the subject of many humorous writings and poems. A whole body of songs with Go themes, in the style of English drinking songs, has become popular in some quarters. In this section are a series of essays and stories inspired by some of the amusing quirks of personality that are occasionally displayed in the world of Go. These pieces are in a variety of styles, including satire, parody, and wordplay, and illustrate the old truth that adults are not always grownups. Most of these articles originally appeared in the internet news group and often were followed by spirited and sometimes hilarious exchanges.


A Brief History of IGS 1992

A Brief History of IGS 1993

The Whining Wino Go Player

Understanding What Is Net Lag

A Flame

Go In Ancient China


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