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PANDA-glGo 1.4 and 1.4.1 released

glGo 1.4 comes with a new tabbed user interface, which was a much asked-for request. Tabs can be torn off into standalone windows by double-clicking on the tab title, so the layout configuration is very flexible and should suit everyones taste.

Please see the ChangeLog for a list of all changes.

PANDA-glGo is a 3D and 2D Goban, game viewer and editor, client for IGS-PandaNet and interface for GNU Go.

  • A fancy 3D goban display. The board can be rotated and zoomed
  • A classic 2D goban display
  • Client for IGS-Pandanet
  • Support for GNU Go over GTP
  • Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Loads and saves SGF files
  • Loads UGF files and the PandaNet mail magazine games
  • Loads Ishi files
  • Loads games in the Jago XML file format
  • SGF game editing
  • Two different game tree displays
  • A player database tool implemented as Python plugin
  • A standalone manager for the player and games database
  • A converter for UGF to SGF format
  • A converter for Ishi to SGF format

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