1.4 & 1.4.1
Logo glGo Logo A 3D and 2D Goban, SGF editor, client for IGS-PandaNet and interface for GNU Go.
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Installer glGo-1.4.exe 6.6 MB
GNU Go 660 KB
Disk image glGo-1.4.dmg.gz 7.8 MB
GNU Go 680 KB
Linux (Created on Ubuntu)
RPM glGo-1.4.1.rpm
2.6 MB
Debian glGo-1.4.1.deb
2.6 MB
Installer glGo-1.4.1.tar.gz 2.6 MB

  • Windows
    Run the installer and follow the instructions. Use the desktop icon or startmenu to start the program. Installing the Playermanager is optional.
  • Mac
    Mount the disk image in Finder and drag&drop the glGo and the Playermanager icons into your Applications folder. The Playermanager is optional. glGo requires Mac OS X 10.3 "Panther". As I don't have OS X 10.4 "Tiger" myself, I cannot comment on compatibility issues at the moment.
  • Linux
    Install the .rpm and .deb files like you would install any package of each type: "rpm -i glGo-1.4.1.rpm" or "dpkg -i glGo-1.4.1.deb". The .tar.gz archive contains scripts to install and remove glGo. Unpack it somewhere and run "sh glGo.install" as root or using sudo.
    glGo requires Python 2.4 installed.
    Note to users of SuSE Linux (and possibly others): SuSE ships with an outdated expat library. If glGo fails to start due to missing, do the following as root:
    "cd /usr/lib"
    "ln -s"

See the Install file for detailed information or have a look at the manual.

Sourcecode is available here.

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