Chapter 5. Playing with GNU Go

Table of Contents

Using the GTP engine
GTP console
Closing the GTP connection
Using the GNU Go score estimation

PANDA-glGo supports connecting to a GTP engine to play with a computer program. Currently the only Go playing computer program known to me which supports GTP is GNU Go. If you are on Windows, download GNU Go from the glGo webpage or get a version from the GNU Go homepage and copy gnugo.exe into the glGo installation folder. If you are on Linux, install GNU Go from your distribution or download it from the GNU Go webpage.

If the gnugo.exe file is in the same folder as the glGo executable, glGo won't have trouble finding the file. If it does, it will complain and offer the user a way to find the right file. You can also tell glGo the path to GNU Go in the preferences dialog.

You can change the GTP engine and arguments in the preferences dialog. The arguments must include "--mode gtp" for GNU Go.

Using the GTP engine

If you have the GNU Go binary in place as described above, you can select "Play with GNU Go" from the glGo start window. If GNU Go is not found, glGo will notify you. You can setup the game parameters and select which color to play. Once you hit Ok in this dialog, the game will start. Resuming games is supported, select a SGF game you want to continue playing in the GTP setup dialog.

After two passes, the "Pass" button in the sidebar changes to "Score", which allows you to manually score the game with the glGo built-in scoring tool.

GNU Go 3.6 supports resigning the game. When GNU Go resigns, glGo will notify you and the game ends.


Open the GTP console and type estimate_score to let GNU Go give an estimated result.

Clocks are not yet supported.