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Day Six: Special shapes
[3]Concerning dame

(a) Worthless points
· Often there are worthless points between groups that are of no use whatsoever. Neither Black nor White can make territory on the X points. These points are called dame, which means 'worthless points'.

Dia. 33
· Dia. 34. In this position, there are many dame points. The X points can't be converted into territory by either side, so they are all dame.
Dia. 34
(b) Dame points in sekis
· Dia. 35. The position here is a seki: neither Black nor White can do anything. The two X points here are also dame points.

Dia. 35
Dia. 36. The shape here is bigger, but here, too, the X points are all dame points.
Dia. 36
· Dia. 37. In this seki, both sides have an eye. The X point between the two group is a dame.
Dia. 37
(c) Dame at the end of the game
· Dia. 38. Neither side can make more territory or reduce the opponent's territory The five X points are dame points. At the end of the game, the players take turns to fill in these points.

Dia. 39. Here the players fill in the dame points, starting with White 1. After White 5, the game ends. After this, the players count the territory and work out the result. Dia. 39
· (Application) Dia. 40. With Black to play, how is this game ended?
Dia. 40
· Dia. 41. If Black plays 1, he can reduce White's territory by one point. White answers at 2. There are no other places where either side can take profit. No one can profit by playing the X points. These points that have no effect on the result are dame.
Dia. 41
Dia. 42. The players fill in the dame with Black 1 and White 2. The game ends. Dia. 42
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Day Six: Special shapes
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